Our Mission
Our mission is to alleviate the pervasive hunger problem in the U.S. by raising awareness and providing the bridge connecting donors and volunteers to hunger relief organizations across the country.

How Do We Do This?
Specifically, we raise awareness, through education, of: (a) what is food insecurity, how pervasive it is in our nation and how that effects communities, education, health, finances and crime; (b) the role soup kitchens play in addressing the problem of food insecurity; and (c) breaking the myth that only the poor and homeless use soup kitchens. We shine a spot light on opportunities for the public to have a dramatic impact, through volunteerism and financial donations, to alleviate the stress fractures in our society being addressed by soup kitchens.

What Does Our Website Do?
Soup Kitchen 411 is a national directory of descriptive information for soup kitchens and links to other information. It offers the opportunity for developing a relationship between you and the front line hunger relief organizations in your community. In addition, we offer a unique place for soup kitchens to communicate their needs for funds and volunteers to a broader audience with a heart for giving. Finally, the site provides a platform for soup kitchens to share best practices with each other, to have a unified voice for sources of financing and in relations with governmental agencies and to partner with each other in times of crisis.

Is There Really A Need To Support Soup Kitchens?
The short answer is – most definitely! Most food pantries and soup kitchens have limited financial resources to buy food for their mission. They rely on donations – both in-kind and monetary – from good-hearted people like you and local organizations. They receive very little government support and that little bit of support is drying up That means the soup kitchens have to make do with less … and that means your neighbors may be going to bed hungry.

The bottom line – many of our neighbors are hungry right now. We know you care about your neighbors just as much as we do and want to help. The problem you run into is that you don’t know where the local hunger relief entities are located much less how to get involved. That’s where we can help.

How Can You Help?
We provide the bridge, the connection, between you and those you can help, the hungry in your community. Search our national directory of soup kitchens and find out how you can get involved today! Volunteer your time. Share your talents – they need all kinds of help. Give generously. Our goal is simple – to partner with you to eliminate hunger in your neighborhood.