Our mission is to alleviate the pervasive hunger problem in the U.S. by raising awareness and providing the bridge connecting donors and volunteers to hunger relief organizations across the country.


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Hunger has become an American epidemic. The cure is education. Our approach, built upon that very premise, keys in on four areas:

  • defining food insecurity, it’s pervasiveness, and how that affects communities
  • highlighting the critical role soup kitchens play in confronting food insecurity
  • dispelling the myth that only the poor and homeless use hunger relief organizations; and,
  • streamlining opportunities for individuals to volunteer and make donations, providing support to, and reducing the amount of stress placed on hunger relief organizations.


Soup Kitchens

SoupKitchen411.com and its corresponding social media channels seek to serve one purpose: to connect the outside world to the world of soup kitchens.

Our site - a straightforward directory - serves as a conduit for those looking to help. It directly connects volunteers with hunger relief agencies in their area. All they need to do is enter their zip code.

The site also provides a place for soup kitchens to communicate their needs. Finally, our digital platform offers the opportunity for these agencies to share best practices, to have a unified voice when advocating with governmental agencies, and to partner with each other in times of crisis.


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The need is real. According to Hunger in America, nearly 50 million Americans are food insecure.

Most food pantries and soup kitchens have limited financial resources to purchase food. They rely heavily on charitable contributions, both in-kind and monetarily, from good people like you.

The overwhelming majority of soup kitchens receive little to no government assistance. The numbers would shock you. All of which means that soup kitchens have to make do with less. And they do. Moreover, it could mean that your neighbor may be going to bed without a meal.


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Someone once said that the best way to ask for help is with gratitude. We agree. And that’s why we have been so fortunate to have countless people get involved, give their time and resources, and spread the word.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • visit our directory and search for a soup kitchen or food pantry near you and help out locally
  • ask others to volunteer
  • share other talents, as soup kitchens have a variety of needs
  • make a charitable contribution to Soup Kitchen 411 or to a soup kitchen in your community
  • like and follow Soup Kitchen 411 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • All of this comes down to two basic things: time and attention. We hope you can give us both.