An organization is only as good as it’s most valuable resource – people.  Soup Kitchen 411 is no exception; the heart and soul of our organization is our team and every member of the team is dedicated to the proposition that hunger is a solvable issue here in America.  We come from different backgrounds and with different skill sets but we all share a passion for what we do here.

Kenneth DeRoberts

Ken DeRoberts

Chairman & Co-Founder of SoupKitchen411, Inc., Ken has extensive experience in finance and operations, both in the public and private sectors. As an expert, he utilizes strategic planning practices to restructure government operations that lead to doing more while costing less.

He currently serves as CEO of Progressive Capital International (PCI), which specializes in corporate and government consulting services. Government Strategy Group (GSG) is a division of PCI, which provides strategic management advice to county and local governments. (www.governmentstrategygroup.com)

For the past 8 years, Ken guest lectures each semester on redevelopment at the Schack Institute – NYU’s graduate school for real estate.

"We do this because we care about people. Our hope is that others will join us and become part of the effort."