The needs are great and diversified.  Whether you can volunteer or in some way donate or sponsor, it's all very much needed and appreciated.

Volunteer, Donate Directly to a Soup Kitchen, Donate to Soup Kitchen 411 or Shop Online.  If your organization would like to become a sponsor, click here.

Running a nonprofit is very much like managing a small business. It requires resources.  At Soup Kitchen 411, we pride ourselves on being good stewards of our donor's money. More than 90% of our funding goes directly to carrying out our mission, a feat that we are quite proud of.

Whether you are an individual donor, foundation, small business or corporation, your donation goes directly to defining hunger, connecting volunteers with soup kitchens, raising awareness, and dispelling the myths surrounding soup kitchens.

We appreciate your support - but more than anything, we don’t just want you to write a check. We want you to get involved.

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